Sydney Rock Oysters – Broadwater Oysters Pambula Lake

Broadwater Oysters is an award-winning oyster farming and processing business in Pambula Lake, on the Far South Coast of NSW.

Oysters, like wine & cheese, have a distinct flavour, depending where they are grown.

Pambula Lake oysters have a smooth, subtle flavour influenced by the water they are produced in. The clean, clear waters of the lake are a combination of fresh water moving down the Pambula and Yowaka rivers, and tidal exchange from the Pacific Ocean – perfect for the production of the finest Sydney Rock Oysters.

Snowy River Station
Samphire / Sea Asparagus and Karkala (beach banana)  is cultivated and harvested from across the river at Snowy River Station in an irrigated propagation area.
At Snowy River Station they are continually developing methods to improve the quality of the Samphire  and Karkala they cultivate.

tambo wine

Tambo Winery
East Gippsland’s first
Rated by James Halliday
Outstanding winery capable of producing wines of very high quality.